Hardware equipment



Ximax 3DMart uses the original high-quality 3D printer to provide you with 3D printing foundry services to help you achieve ideas and ideas! Please provide your 3D printing STL file and your desired 3D printing size and function requirements, we will recommend the appropriate materials, technology, printing parameters and quotation. Most orders can be completed within one week, and the requirements can be directly filled in the 3D printing OEM page of the official website. If there are no 3D print files in the existing objects, we can also provide professional reverse engineering/3D scanning modeling services (other charges will be incurred according to the requirements), and quickly implement your imagination, including: casting, silicone molding, etc. Subsequent finished products. You can fill in the requirements in the simple form below or write a letter, click on the mouse to convert the work to 3D prints, and complete your proofing and delivery immediately.

3D modeling software / course activities

XMPXXart offers a wide range of 3D modeling and reverse engineering genuine official software, as well as a variety of 3D design online courses, so that 3D print novices can also become professional 3D engineers. In addition, in order to promote and share 3D printing and related molding technology, free lectures, events or paid teaching of related technologies will be published in this category, Facebook fan page and official website.

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